The Unexpected Uprising


The world was becoming more and more fragmented as a result of the comeback of the Islamic State of Syria and Iraq. Their barbarous methods and complete disregard of human life had truly reached a pinnacle. Terrifying to some.

Seen as being cowardly and desperate to others. 

One such militia who deemed it to be weak and pathetic was the Neo-Nazi Affiliated group The Infidel Crusaders. A group of white men intent on bringing IS and their cronies in to the dustbin of history.

“How about it White Men, I say its time we put a stop to this old fashioned way or forgiving our enemies. They are going to shit themselves when the New Viking Era begins“

“These sand monkeys have never faced someone that isn’t afraid to square up”

“When the patience of white men runs out, a full-scale cleansing will commence.“

These are just some of the writings in their manifesto, among this, they have vowed to cleanse the world of “IS filth” and “breed every Muslimah in the west and in the east”

Once they received a permit to attack from the European governments and America. They launched their offence.

The speed in which they advanced caught the world by surprise. They penetrated the Strongholds of the militants, and a full scale slaughtering took place. Human rights advocates were deeply disturbed about the usage of knives and bats to render the IS soldiers completely disfigured….

The IS women responded in a different manner.


Albeit not shocking. The reception that they would receive from the wives, mothers and daughters of the dead militants, was one of a welcoming nature.

It was an occasion of joy for the women of the Middle East. 

Women all over the region were flocking to the infidel crusaders to offer their bodies in gratitude.


The wife of the leader of The Islamic State, gave the courageous crusader a sloppy blowjob, as a sign of being pleased with her conqueror and liberator.


He marked her pussy afterwards.


After killing thousands upon thousands, utilizing a variety of techniques. This was the perfect fun.

“The more painful the better. These Sandniggers need to understand this is a White Mans World, they just live in it” One of the officers were heard yelling while slitting the throats of IS generals.

The soldier put a final nail in the coffin of the terrorist group by striking the head of their leader off with one blow, using an “Infidel Sword”

Afterwards he removed his wife’s hijab and wrapped his severed head in it.


He then came on it.