milfson: This woman was such an innocent, naive mother who only wanted the best for her son Mehmet….


This woman was such an innocent, naive mother who only wanted the best for her son Mehmet. He had been slacking in one of his classes and kept on complaining to his mom that the professor had it out for him, and she rubbed his head and told him not to worry.
One weekend when her boy was out staying in a friend’s house she  called the teacher and invited him over, with the genuine intent of conversation, next steps and so on but the rugged man gave her a once over and laid out his proposition within a half hour of entering her living room. “Take your clothes off and fuck me like you mean it, I’ll see what I can do.”
The woman got offended, but knew what these grades would mean for her son; colleges and scholarships, and she was indeed single (and a bit lonely, honestly) ever since her husband passed away so she took him up on his offer, let the teacher taint her with his aggressive fucking, making her gag and limp a bit afterwards that first time around. She took it in the ass even, something she’d never thought she do. 

Well, the report cards arrived later that semester and the son failed the class; he was weeping and she was infuriated, told him to stay in his room while she spoke to the teacher again; she invited him over and scolded him for his dishonesty as soon as he entered. The teacher replied calmly: “I never said I could pass him, I said I’ll see what I can do. There’s a process here, and there’s a lot of things you need to do with paperwork and all. It’s not easy…” and just spouting bullshit non-stop.
“The mother was too naive for her own good, becoming a pawn and not even aware of how she was sounding in her frantic, fragile state: “What? You need me to motivate you again? You know, I did had fun but you really were rough last time and I need to help my son-“
“I’ll go easier on you this time.”
“You have to – he’s upstairs crying about all of this.”
“Okay.” And so they both took their clothes off and he fucked her again on her couch, actually being a bit nice and gentle this time. He laughed to himself though, both because of how much of a pussy her son seemed to be, and because he knew this was the only time he would ever keep to his word. The mother would eventually get done over and over again, enjoying this dick so much that she continued to fuck the man even after she knew her son’s future was a lost cause.