tauntingbull: – Requested story – BEACH DAY WITH…


– Requested story –



You and your mother had planned this for weeks. A lovely day at the beach. The first day of summer had kicked in and all you wanted to do was have some relaxing, 1on1 time with mom, on the nicest day of the year so far. 

You both got ready at home. You throw on your cartoon swim trunks and grabbed your goggles and beach toys. Your mom on the other hand, packed her bag with her favorite erotic novel, some tanning oil and threw her skimpiest bikini on.

You and your mom hopped in the car and headed 20 minutes out to get to the beach. 

Upon your arrival your mom stepped out of the car in her flip-flops, booty shorts and her bikini top. You both stepped on the beach, littered with babes and studs. She sat down and began to read. You wasted no time heading to the water for some playing around.

As you tired of swimming, you thought it would be a good idea to head up to the beach and begin building your castle. You dug the sand deep and made trips back and forth to the shore, filling buckets with water and returning to dampen the sand.

On a trip back to the shore you noticed your mom had finished reading for now and turned over on her back. At some point she’d removed her tiny shorts and her colossal, chunky ass meat was exposed in all its glory, swallowing her revealing bottoms. You stood in awe from the water, shovel in one and and a bucket of water in the other like a child. The areas around your spot were now flooded with tall, oiled, manly guys, staring at your mom. You listened to comments they all made about your mom’s fat ass. 

Uh-oh… A group of guys that used to bully you school with had just paddled in from surfing and were slowly approaching you from behind. They all stopped a couple feet from you and took in the beautiful site of your mother’s big, bare ass.

Chris, one of the main guy’s you hated from school looked at you and simply laughed. 

Chris: “Haha! Yo it’s little chump! That’s his mom!”


‘Little Chump’, a nickname the guy’s coined for you back in senior year that never wore off. Chris once saw you changing in the locker room and well the name ‘Little Chump’ kind of found itself. All you remember about Chris was the day he gave you that name, an image burned into your head because of how traumatic the experience was. He stood in the locker room, one hand on his side and the other pointing and laughing at your waistline. “Little Chump! Little Chump!” You couldn’t forget it. His towel dropped in the midst of it, and you almost thought this would counter the attention from you and that people would begin to laugh at Chris… Nope. It only began the legend that was his massive, beastly, veiny, monster of a dick.                                                                                __________________

The guys in the group all turned their attention to you.

“You guys ought to hear how this wimp got his nickname!” They walked to their spot, of course just the next one over from your mother. You watched them stare at her and you walked back to your spot, embarrassed.

You: “Hey mom..” She had her head turned and was secretly checking out the young guys. Ever since she left your father for losing his job, she’s been prowling a lot more… But never on anything this young.

Your Fat Assed Distracted Mother: “Huh? Oh hey honey..” She responds. Her head remained turned.

You looked over to the group and they are steady gawking, she even makes eye contact with Chris. You are livid. You look at his stretched legs and through the bottom of his trunks you can see the head of the cock you’d never forget, even more than the head actually. Now it’s the whole outline.. You can’t unsee it. He’s got a big hard-on for your mom.


You can’t let this happen. You throw a towel over your Mom’s chunky rear and demand to leave. She agrees. She notes that she thinks she got the tan on her ass she wanted anyways, so that it’s fine to leave now.

Your mom talking about her ass makes you flustered.. You are mad about the bullies staring but for some reason you like this.. Thinking about your mom being happy about her own thick, tan booty.

You walked all the way to the 3rd floor of the parking garage behind your Mother, staring at that juicy ass, lusting over your own Mom. You noticed Chris and the guys have followed you. You turn around and the pack of surfboard carrying bros are laughing and flipping you off.

She seems to come to her senses and quickly tries to put her shorts back on when you get to the car… 

Your Embarrassed Mom: “Honey, will you uh— hold this towel up for Mommy while she puts her shorts and shirt on?

You happily agree and hold the towel in front of your mom, snarling at your bullies and menacingly smiling looking back and forth between them and your mom. That’s your Mommy’s ass and only you get to see it!

Chris: Yo come on Little Chump! Don’t be such a bitch.. Let us see that MILF ass!

The guys all laugh and make squeezing motions with their hands.

Your Mom becomes attention drunk again and while you turned to the bullies she moves a bit out of the way of the towel and bends over, you don’t notice but she had removed her thong and pulled the shorts up.

You move the towel when you see she’s got her shorts on and you sit in the passenger seat and buckle up. 

You twiddle your thumbs for a moment or two and look back out the window awaiting your mom. You see that she’s waving to the guys.

What the hell? Why is she talking to them?!

Your mom: Hey boys! Will you guys tell me if I got a good tan today? My son can’t see too well, he left his glasses at home!

Your mom peels the skin-tight booty-shorts from her white, motherly ass flanks…

Chris: Damn! For sure Mom! You got got plenty tanned!

He wasn’t lying. Your mother’s beautiful, before pale, pillowy ass, now looked dark, tan, smooth…

You: “Mom! What are you doing?!”

The child-lock was on in the car and your mother locked the car doors to tease you, while she showed off her precious butt to the bullies. Chris gave you a look and pointed and laughed while groping his package and shaking it, then bit into his lower lip, flipping you off and grabbing his big dick in front of your mom.

You knew it was a lost hope to try and fight this.

Your Mom: “Oh my! Big boys! Big boys!”

She yelled over to the bros and looked at you in the car, repeatedly locking the door as you tried to escape. You saw a look in your mother’s eye that said, she felt bad, but just couldn’t help herself. Your hot ass mom made her way to the pick-up truck the bros rode in and she hopped in the back. She had her bag, her oil, and the fucking car keys. You were stuck and if you opened the door, the alarm would sound and you’d have to wait for the Triple-A guys to come turn it off. Even after that, you had no clue where your careless MILF was heading…    ______________________________

30 minutes later or so you receive a text message, from your mother, containing the following image and text.


“Yo.. Mom’s all good little chump, or should I say, little bro! She’s begging us to be her new boys and replace you. Bro, your mom fucking hates you. You are a failure and disgrace of a son.

Take a good look at your mom, one last peek at that enormous mommy ass, before she disowns you completely. Then you won’t have to feel like such a fucking perv when you check her out.  We’re taking her from you now. If you’re lucky you’ll be calling us Dad from here on out, that’s if she doesn’t kick you out of the house and leave you to rot, loser.”


You were too upset to even get out of the car at this point. You sat sobbing and weeping over your mom. She had become everything you feared. 

Strangely… This pic got your little dick harder than you’d ever experienced. Holy shit.. What was happening?

Another 10 minutes passed and you’d began to rub your cock to this image and text from the bullies. For some reason you felt that this was right, and natural. You began to understand the Alpha male’s role and that your mother, whom you loved, needed big strong men in her life. This is the way of the world. It’s your duty to let these bullies have your mom, right? You have mixed emotions and a stomach full of knots. You remembered Chris’ massive member and the reality kicks in… Your mom is probably going to touch, if not more, to that beast. That big dick is making a lump in your throat, bigger than the one that’s already in your moms. 

You continue to touch yourself and think about your own Mom. You decided to look at her Facebook for some old vacation photos that you remembered she was nearly nude in.

WHAT THE FUCK? The dickhead bullies had uploaded a video of your Mom right to her facebook page. They tagged you AND your Dad.

It was Chris’ insane monster dick, plunging the throat of your drooling mom. Holy shit this was actually kind of hot… Your hot blonde Mom, in an artsy black and white video gagging on the man who now owns you. She looked at the camera, hypnotized in a slutty trance.

Your Dad liked the video and comment a thumbs up emote.

He looked like a total fucking loser, just like you. The video had over a hundred likes and shares already.

You begin furiously jerking to this video.. Why? Why can’t you help yourself? Why must you grab and stroke your cock to your mother being humiliated in front of hundreds?


instgram notification – ChrisTheMonster has tagged you in a video. 

You immediately check the post. You suspect another video of your mom sucking the mighty meat of those jocks…

No! It was them fucking her, double penetrating your mom! She shamelessly took two of your bullies’ insanely big dicks. You didn’t know how you felt about this one. This was too far, this wasn’t your mom flat out sucking one cock. She was taking two… and one monster filled and drilled her ass. Holy fuck, you felt sick, really sick and really fucking turned on.


Another text message from your mom. – “Yo little chump! Here’s a better view of me plowing my new Mom’s tight, tan ass!”


You couldn’t hold it in anymore. Seeing the big bullie’s monstrosity anally destroy your lovely mother… It made you cum… All over the car. And now, you felt fucking horrible. Anxious and sick…

The Triple-A Guys had just arrived and you were still cock out, covered in cum. They peeked in the windows and saw you.. And laughed their asses off at the pathetic sight. They opened the doors and your phone dropped to the ground. You were too busy zipping up to notice your phone fell.

One of them picked it up and it vibrated as he went to hand it back –

Car Mechanic: “Yo! Rick! Come check out this fucking text this kid just got! Dude’s mom is getting covered in cum… By his fucking bullies! Poor kid! Mom’s pretty hot though! Damn them guys are dominating the poor white lady! Big dicks spraying the bitch! Sorry kid!”          


“Sup nerd? Check it out, Chad got the first load off on your mom.”

“And you know I gave her the big load last!”

Watch us blow on your mom, bitch! Watch your bullies cover your mom in real, superior man juice! You watched her become a whore for us so watch the finale! How does it feel knowing the guys you hate have dominated you, made your mom into a stupid, cock-filled, cum slut.  How does it feel knowing your weak? YOUR LIFE IS PATHETIC AND YOUR MOM HATES YOU. HOW DOES IT FEEL KNOWING YOUR MOM LOVES MEAN CHRIS’ BIG MONSTER DICK? HOW DOES IT FEEL LITTLE CHUMP??   IM CUMMING ALL OVER YOUR FUCKING MOM KID! HOW THE FUCK DOES IT FEEL.                                               ______________________