No time to be a mother

Lately, when i come home from school my mother is not home. She is not cooking meals or cleaning the house lately too. It might sound normal to you, but as conversative Muslims in our culture it seems odd. I wonder whats wrong with her. Last we spoke she said she was gonna take care of my bully problem. 

She said she will speak to my bully to make sure he wont hit me up everyday on the way to school. Now that i think of it, she acted strange ever since. What is going on? 

Muslimah Motherwhore

My husband and son said that im not allowed to take of my burqa and show my hair or to give other men beside family relatives a hand when we immigrated to Europe running away from the conflict in Syria. We got chosen by the VN Forces in Syria in a program that gives Syrian people a chance to immigrate to a wellfaring Western country and to live a better life in Europe. My husband and son lectured me about how bad the Western world is and the dangers it would hold for me, a Muslim woman. They were very worried i would be tainted by the bad things it would hold……

the faggot doesnt even know that the only reason he even was given this oppurtunity was me cocksucking and fucking all white young VN soldiers 5 times a day , everytime that loser husband of mine goes to the mosque.

And not show my hair? My muslim pussy, ass, mouth, hands, hair, fucking everything is already owned by young white soldier cocks dear faggot husband.

The only reason i ever deepthroated, swallowed, got triple penetrated, got hairpulled, fucked in my ass, skullfucked, double vaginal and double analized 5 times a day everyday with these hung white soldiers is to get more young white cock in the Western world

White cock only in my Muslim mother.

This is what i like, this is what i crave. 

So no Hindu, Pakistani, Asian other Arab or BBC messages to me or private inbox. I dont like those fantasies. I only like to talk about my mother and sister getting fucked by white cock. Im not a racist (how can i as  Muslim myself?) but i dont get turned on by other nationalities besides white people fucking them. 

Please be considerate of this when messaging me. 

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Random thought

As a Muslim, im still not married which in my culture is frowned upon while older of age.

How big is my chance to get a white cock loving Muslim whore, if i marry a Muslim woman from my native country and bring her to Europe where i live, and make her clear i wanna see her ravaged by white men while she still wears her clothes?

Would she be scared? Would she understand? Would she do it?

The Unexpected Uprising


The world was becoming more and more fragmented as a result of the comeback of the Islamic State of Syria and Iraq. Their barbarous methods and complete disregard of human life had truly reached a pinnacle. Terrifying to some.

Seen as being cowardly and desperate to others. 

One such militia who deemed it to be weak and pathetic was the Neo-Nazi Affiliated group The Infidel Crusaders. A group of white men intent on bringing IS and their cronies in to the dustbin of history.

“How about it White Men, I say its time we put a stop to this old fashioned way or forgiving our enemies. They are going to shit themselves when the New Viking Era begins“

“These sand monkeys have never faced someone that isn’t afraid to square up”

“When the patience of white men runs out, a full-scale cleansing will commence.“

These are just some of the writings in their manifesto, among this, they have vowed to cleanse the world of “IS filth” and “breed every Muslimah in the west and in the east”

Once they received a permit to attack from the European governments and America. They launched their offence.

The speed in which they advanced caught the world by surprise. They penetrated the Strongholds of the militants, and a full scale slaughtering took place. Human rights advocates were deeply disturbed about the usage of knives and bats to render the IS soldiers completely disfigured….

The IS women responded in a different manner.


Albeit not shocking. The reception that they would receive from the wives, mothers and daughters of the dead militants, was one of a welcoming nature.

It was an occasion of joy for the women of the Middle East. 

Women all over the region were flocking to the infidel crusaders to offer their bodies in gratitude.


The wife of the leader of The Islamic State, gave the courageous crusader a sloppy blowjob, as a sign of being pleased with her conqueror and liberator.


He marked her pussy afterwards.


After killing thousands upon thousands, utilizing a variety of techniques. This was the perfect fun.

“The more painful the better. These Sandniggers need to understand this is a White Mans World, they just live in it” One of the officers were heard yelling while slitting the throats of IS generals.

The soldier put a final nail in the coffin of the terrorist group by striking the head of their leader off with one blow, using an “Infidel Sword”

Afterwards he removed his wife’s hijab and wrapped his severed head in it.


He then came on it.

Wanna tell me how you gonna haterape my muslim…

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“look you faggot son of mine, look how this mean racist soldier who killed your pathetic father out there in the desert, shoves his superior white thick cock in my mouth! Look  at that, your little dicklet gets hard, you like this even, you sick fuck!”


“Now watch how i suck the last drop of that glorious white thick racist semen”


As she raised her glass, she looked firm in the camera.”You watching, faggot son? You watching how im gonna swallow this glass of cum of your fathers murderer? Watch how i lose my soul and heart to this white racist semen,as for you” still staring at the camera,” i hate you, i wish you were dead too!” Smiling one last time before raising her glass gulping down the thick white cum xith big moans gulps noises. “Mmmmm so good, i told you faggot son, i told you before havent i?”


Muslimah mothers always get what they deserve

can u post the link to ur discord

can u post the link to ur discord

Muslimah Payback

After another act of terrorism against the Western troops by the IS, a special team was sent to Syria to kidnap the wife and daughter of the leader of the IS in the hopes of trying to negotiate with the terrorists to stop the violence.

Little did the special elite forces knew about Muslimah women though. When they managed to capture the wife first of  the leader of the Islamic State it was obvious what Muslimah womens are all about. The big titted Muslimah whore was expecting the soldiers and her pussy dripped with eagerness to suck and fuck those big white cocks that were out to destroy her husband and her sons who were second in command.


The Muslima mother whore made sure to give the American forces the right welcoming protocol.

Ofcourse, as a good Muslima mother whore she not only gave the American forces the location where here faggot husband and their sissy sons where hiding, she also gave them the plans and data stored on computers which the Islamic State are using to create terror in the West making sure they could dismantle IS once and for all thanks to the wife of their leader, who started to please the white American cocks again after she gave the oppurtunity to the Americans to have the abilty to finish of Islamic State once and for all.


Then as a good Muslima mother whore she lead the soldiers upstairs to her daughter to make sure she get claimed by the West too. Didnt took long to convince this Muslimah daughter whore of the leader of Islamic State that it was only natural for the Muslimah population in Syriah to mke ure the Western forces are getting what they deserve.


They made sure to film the Muslimah whores to show their captured husband and father and brothers right before they executed the faggots to make sure its the last thing they will see


What Muslimahs really deserve.

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